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The History of Material Well-Being

The History of Human Longevity

A Matter of Perspective

Growth that Makes Us Richer and Growth that Doesn’t

Malthus on Population and Human Welfare

Civilization and Disease

Property Rights and Growth

The Intellectual History of Property Rights


The End of Feudalism

The Emergence of European States

The Institutionalization of Science in Europe

Science and Society in China and the Islamic World

Why Were the Americas So Underdeveloped when Europeans Reached Them?

The Foundations of the Scientific Revolution

Reining In the Kings

Economic Ideology and the Glorious Revolution

Britain in the Early Eighteenth Century

The Enlightenment in Britain and France

A History of Religious Toleration

Voltaire’s England

The Industrial Revolution

The Steam Engine

The Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution

Why Did the Industrial Revolution Happen in Britain in the Eighteenth Century?

The Nineteenth-Century Rules for Growth

The Second Industrial Revolution

The Division of the World

More on the Division of the World

How Modern Science Came to China

Work Between the Wars: Down the Mine

One Hundred and Fifty Years of American Growth

Technological Progress and Economies of Scale

Why Nations Fail: Extractive and Inclusive Institutions

Why Nations Fail: Theory is Tidy, History is Messy

Democracy’s Dilemma

Ding Dong, the Witch is Still Very Much Alive

The Holodomor and Mao’s Famine

The Modern Decline in Extreme Poverty