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December 2022

The Greek Origins of Modern Science

September 2022

An Economic History of Russia: 1953-1985

July 2022

An Economic History of Russia: 1985-1991

March 2022

An Economic History of Russia: 1924-1953

January 2022

An Economic History of Russia: 1900-1924

October 2021

The Doctrines of Nineteenth-Century Socialism

The Political Impact of Nineteenth-Century Socialism

April 2021

The Chinese Economy after Mao

Chinese Politics in the Time of Deng Xiaoping

December 2020

Property and Property Rights: A History

October 2020

The Transformation of Japan after the Meiji Restoration

August 2020

The Nineteenth-Century Rules for Growth

July 2020

How Modern Science Came to China

February 2020

The Enlightenment in Britain and France

A History of Religious Toleration

August 2019

The Emergence of European States

June 2019

The Holodomor and Mao’s Famine

December 2018

One Hundred and Fifty Years of American Growth

October 2018

Democracy’s Dilemma

August 2018:

More on the Division of the World

June 2018:

The Division of the World

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